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Our expertise and our commitment to innovation Combined with experience and expertise from Europe Allows us to design brand, woven label and Fashion symbol as well as label label as excellent. With superior craftsmanship



We pay close attention to every detail. And choose the best quality materials available on the market To ensure the quality of the woven label products Fashion badges, label labels, are always of the highest standards.



We never stop developing, studying and experimenting with new techniques. To produce excellent quality woven labels Our factory has passed the inspection of industrial quality standards. And environmentally friendly processes

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Welcome to the company's website.

VAI Trimming Co., Ltd is a Thai company. It has a parent company from Italy. Who have experience as entrepreneurs in sewing factory, weaving factory, embroidered logo, embroidered badge, arm printing, product label Fashion cartoon printing Or letters And made label labels for more than 100 years If you are looking for an opportunity to design or attach a woven label. Whether it is a designer, logo, or embroidered logo. That are produced in Thailand With technology from Europe For events or important events We would like to recommend a selection of textile products and woven labels, shirt stickers, embroidery works. In 4 easy steps Ready … let’s go see

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What is a woven patch? A.                  In short, it is a high-quality patch.  B.                   The patch’s high-quality comes from the different types of materials used...

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