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International Clothing Patches
Manufacturer ~ Thailand

VAI Trimming is an international Clothing Patches Manufacturer and distributor located in Bangkok, Thailand. Vai Trimming was Founded in 2008 but is part of a group that is a world leader in the international textile industry. They have been involved in the production of patches since 1927.

At VAI Trimming we combine more than 100 years of experience and European know-how with a true passion for design and fashion. This passion is shown in what we do, in order to support you with the creation of your own unique clothing patches.

Main Fashion Brands and Sports Teams

VAI Trimming has produced patches for the main fashion brands and the top football and sports teams. In addition to this, our patches ornate the uniforms of main supermarkets and retail outlets around the world.

VAI Trimming provides personalized patches for all occasions. Whether you would like to celebrate a special moment of your life or you want to customize your clothes or adorn any accessories, such as laptop, bags, tablet, or phone cover. Let us help you create your unique patch!

Clothing Patches Manufacturer In Bangkok, Thailand

Why choose VAI Trimming As Your Clothing Patches Manufacturer?



Our expertise and our commitment to innovation Combined with experience and expertise from Europe Allows us to design brand, woven label and Fashion symbol as well as clothing labels with excellent superior craftsmanship



We pay close attention to every detail. And choose the best quality materials available on the market To ensure the quality of the woven label products Fashion badges, label labels, are always of the highest standards.



We never stop developing, studying and experimenting with new techniques. To produce excellent quality woven labels Our factory has passed the inspection of industrial quality standards. And environmentally friendly processes

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