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Samut Prakhan 10540


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Ready For the Future of the Patch Manufacturer?

If, like us, you’re ready for the future and would like to know more about Vai Trimming Patch Maker, Patches or the available accessories. Or if you would even like to tell us that something is wrong on the site. Drop us an email, call us, send us a Skype Message, or drop by the office. We are always happy to meet, greet and have a coffee with you. We have a great coffee machine!

Anything But The Coffee Machine!

If there is an issue with any aspect of our service as a patch Maker, be it Patches or accessories. An email with full and frank detail of your complaint will be the best course of action. That way we can assess the situation and look at dealing with the problem head-on. Of Course, if it’s a complaint about the coffee machine, nobody will believe you!

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