Patch Manufacturer FAQs

How To Apply

Here at Vai Trimming Patch Manufacturer FAQ, we love to make your life as easy as possible. That’s why we make our patches extremely easy to apply!

You can choose between three options:
  • Glue Backing: place the patch on your t-shirt and simply iron on it. We recommend you add a damp cloth over the patch, then press down hard with the Iron.
  • No Glue: you can stitch the patch directly on to the garment.
  • Velcro: thanks to the invention of Velcro, you can apply your patches almost anywhere. Add some to the back of your patch and you can easily apply it to your laptop, bags, tablets and phone cover.


Should you wish to apply it to a t-shirt or any other garment, but you don’t have time to do it, no problem. Vai Trimming can provide this service for you! Just choose your garment from the wide variety we offer and we will take care of it. Check out our full range of garment accessories here.
If you feel we have missed something in the VAI Trimming FAQ, send us an email and let us know!

Care Instructions

  • Patches The VAI Trimming patches are so well made, they do not require particular care instructions. wash and iron them with your garments when required.
  • Garments/Accessories simply follow the instructions indicated on the label within the garment. Details can be found in the garment section.
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